Pena Rugueira
Pena Rugueira

The Pena Rugueira, also called Turrunteira, is the highest peak in the valley of Fornela, in the Sierra de Ancares. The hike can be done from Guímara, but because then we would have to walk a long time on a dirt road, we choose to park the car somewhere halfway along this road, near the refuge "El Cuadro". From the Puerto de Cienfuegos we walk on a ridge with great views in both directions. The final climb to the top is via a fun and somewhat rough and steep trail, which is easy to do.

  • From the refuge "El Cuadro" (1) we walk down the dirt road and ascend lightly.
  • After some time we reach a fork (2) where we turn right, further following the dirt road. This is signposted in the direction "Puerto de Cienfuegos". We continue to ascend via the dirt road.
  • Through this way we reach, just below 1,700 metres, the pass "Puerto de Cienfuegos" (3). We turn right here, onto a wide path.
  • We now walk on a ridge, initially on a wide path. Further on the path narrows and turns to the right, still on the crest.
  • In this way we clearly walk towards the Pena Rugueira. The last stretch of the trail is steeper and goes via stones and rocks, with some slightly more difficult passages, but causing no major problems.
  • After having reached the Pena Rugueira (4), we follow the same route back to the Refugio El Cuadro (1).

Route Pena Rugueira

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Video Pena Rugueira

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Location of this Hike

Region: Sierra de Ancares
Near: Guímara
Cubierto con lluvias
21 °C
11 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 4:30 hrs.
Distance: 14.6 km
Route type: Round trip
Path type: Dirt road, trail
Marking: Milestones (partially)
Total difference in altitude: 696 m.
Highest point: 1,967 m.
Difficulty: Medium (4/14)

Route profile Pena Rugueira
Last update: July 13, 2016

How to get there?

From Fabero follow the Calle Fornela which turns into the LE- 4212 in the direction of Peranzanes and Guímara. In the village of Bárcena de la Abadía turn right into the Calle San Pedro, in the direction of Fornela. Now follow this road for more than 20 kilometers until you reach Guímara. Before the bridge at the town sign turn left, onto the dirt road. Follow this dirt road for some time until you reach the refuge "El Cuadro", where we park the car nearby.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 42 53.928
Longitude: W 6 43.738