Cerro Pedroso

The Cerro Pedroso is with its 1,914 metres the highest point of the valley of Geras de Gordón. It is a relatively short and easy hike, although the last stretch to the top is slightly more difficult because of the lack of a clear path. We are rewarded with beautiful views in all directions amidst the Cordillera Cantábrica.

  • From where we parked the car (1) cross the road and take the wide path that lies on the right side of the fencing, which ascends immediately.
  • When the path begins to descend slightly, we turn left on a track (2). Soon we turn to the right away from the fencing and for a while do not see a clear path. Further on, however, we soon find a path that we follow via the contour line parallel to the valley in the southwest, through the Alto del Juncanal (3).
  • We follow this path for some time and it becomes less visible. Ultimately it turns to the left over a bunch of rocks (4). Behind these rocks, we go straight ahead onto a narrow trail, which further on turns to the left (5), towards the Collado Pedroso (6).
  • From the pass Collado Pedroso there is no clear path to the top of the Cerro Pedroso. Occasionally there are some tracks, but overall we have to find our way up a relatively steep and rocky slope, and at some points the abundant vegetation complicates the ascent. We can clearly see the top, so the orientation is not a problem.
  • From the Cerro Pedroso (7) we continue the route to the southeast. At this stretch of the route there are several paths, but the direction is clear because we walk on a a sort of crest. We pass a rocky point (8) on the left, behind which we further follow the path.
  • This way we continue in a southeasterly direction until we can go through the fencing at a point on the left (9) and at the other side we see the path continue. We now walk in northeastern direction until we reach a dirt road (10), where we turn left.
  • We follow this dirt road for more than four kilometres until we again reach the Puerto de Aralla (1).

Route Cerro Pedroso