Peneda Gerês
Portela do Homem

National Park Peneda Gerês

Peneda-Gerês is located in the northeast of Portugal and is the only national park of the country. The park consists of various mountain ranges - Peneda, Amarela en Gerês - which form a natural barrier between the lowland plain at the Atlantic Coast and the plateau in the east.

With a mean 130 days of rain a year, it is an extraordinarily green region with a rich flora and fauna. The region is characterized by an abundance of water, in the form of small lakes, rivers (such as the Cávado, the Lima, the Homem, the Rabagão, the Castro Laboreiro and the Arado) and cascades. Because of this quantity of water, many dams have been built.

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Location of this Region

Province: Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
Central Town: Gerês
Cubierto con lluvias
22 °C
13 °C

Recommended Hike

Portela do Homem

The hike rises through a trail along the river Homem to the old tungsten mines and the lake of Carris. The setting is grim because of the often low hanging clouds, which results in a fascinating scenery. The hike is relatively tough, especially because of the length and the fact that a large part of the trail consists of boulders that are hard to walk on.

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Available Hikes

Principal Peaks

  • Nevosa (1,545 m)
  • Altar dos Cabrões (1,538 m)