The Cuchillos of Contreras

Hoces del Cabriel

The Hoces del Cabriel is a nature park on the frontier of Cuenca in Castile-La Mancha and Valencia, in the Iberian System. It has a protected status since 2005.

The park surrounds the river Cabriel and the landscape is characterized by river banks, steep cliff faces and gorges, and is therefore a natural habitat of many birds of prey. The Cuchillos of Contreras form one of the highlights in the landscape of the Hoces the Cabriel, and during one of the hikes of we visit these Cuchillos. They are a beautiful example of a phenomenon in geomorphology in which a mountain ridge is formed as a result of the play of the wind, water and chemical processes.

On the edge of this natural park, in the confluence of the rivers Cabriel and Guadazaón between the towns of Villargordo del Cabriel, La Pesquera, Enguídanos and Minglanilla, lies the reservoir of Contreras. On we offer a hike that runs over a high trail along this reservoir and gives us a splendid view on its blue-green water.

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